About Us


NaijaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), aimed at enabling access to Nigerian creators, collectors and Web3 enthusiasts through our activities, exhibition, projects and investments.

How the DAO works!

Our Governance structure ensures that the DAO is in a good position to achieve its vision while abiding to its core values: decentralization, transparency, sharing, inclusiveness & community empowerment.

DAO Membership
There are 2 ways of becoming a member of the DAO and membership is open to all humans from anywhere in the world.
1. Owing at least one NFT from a project supported by the DAO.
2. Owing Kobbo, the DAO Token. (Coming Soon.)

Member Benefits
A. Members of the DAO are owners & would earn dividends at the end of a year. 

B. Members get exclusive early access to community projects.
C. Members get featured in DAO exhibitions and creators spotlight. 

D. Members will get early access and discounts in leasing and purchasing Metaverse lands on ‘METAVAS‘ – a virtual reality space geared towards promoting Afrocentric experiences that everyone can be a part of.
E. Members get career support and advisory through community peer-to-peer interactions and communications

DAO Council

Charles Mbata


Chuma Anagbado

Co-Founder /Curator

Sam Ogu

Dev/ DAO

Obinna Ajuruchi

Dev/ Investor

Anita Epundu

Operations Manager

Kelechukwu Okwujiako

Legal Adviser

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