Ape of Lagos

In collaboration with OhaleXYZ

Ape of Lagos is a 1/1 derivative collection of BAYC 2193 aka Jika inspired by the city’s landmarks and culture. Curated by Chuma Anagbado, the collection aims to onboard and spotlight African artists creating NFTs, on the Ethereum blockchain. These 1/1 Apes illustrates and are inspired by the city’s landmarks, icons, personalities, events, trends, fads and so on.




Starting with ARO META1, the 3 chiefs’ that welcome you to Africa’s largest city, full of life and hope. We engage in MONKEY BUSINESS2, the ‘politricks’ of who gets a steak at Alausa, the States seat of government and capital. O yes, there is FADA3, the baba agba who rules the underworld and controls the ‘area boys’ somewhere around Ojota and Ikorodu axis. A few blocks away in Maryland, Anthony, Ilupeju and GRA, the BORED4 middle to upper class claim their lair. But quickly, let’s rush down to Jibowu, a main road transport terminal jostling with so much activity that if you do not ‘shine your eye’ you may have a MISSING APE5. Here, life is in 3D. Go past Yaba left and across the old colonial railway terminal and you will land at famous Idumota market, where the people from the east trade all sorts, including ISI ENWE6. In Lagos Island (Isale Eko) EYO7, the costumed dance masquerade knows no boundaries and whips its way through. Needless to say, the opulent neighborhoods of Victoria Island and Lekki offers a thriving night live where one can find SISI EKO8, living the EKO LIFE9 – let’s just call them, the Lagos big girls. But JIKA KAWAI10, how can we leave out the beautiful children being born and raised in ‘lasgidi’? They are the real MVPs.

Somewhere in Ikoyi – the most expensive real estate in Africa, a lion roars on the streets of bourdillon where JAGABAN12 rules supreme.

The story continues…

PS: The words in ALL CAPS are the titles of the initial 12 Ape derivatives in this collection.