Ape of Lagos

In collaboration with OhaleXYZ Ape of Lagos is a 1/1 derivative collection of BAYC 2193 aka Jika inspired by the city’s landmarks and culture. Curated by Chuma Anagbado, the collection aims to onboard and spotlight African artists creating NFTs, on the Ethereum blockchain. These 1/1 Apes illustrates and are inspired by the city’s landmarks, icons, […]

Masked Culture

Art in Motion In Collaboration with Jungle Colours, 1 Artist and 15 Poets. Chuma Anagbado, Bunmi Africa, Yemi Blaq, Stacey Ravvero, Paul Word, Ella Fortté, Ọbáfẹ́mi Thanni, Chinelo Akwaeke, Boye Longe, Ugo Benitez, Siza Amah, Hamda ‘Koya, Bura-Bura Nwilo, Alimat Adesola, Segun Obende & Martin Arinze Animation by Olisa Performative. Transformative. A re-imagination of a […]